Metal Bottles

General-purpose metal bottles for use in applications where glass and plastic are too fragile.

BTL-MA: Aluminum bottles are lightweight and very rigid. Includes polypropylene (PP) threaded cap with polyethylene (PE) foam liner.

BTL-MT: Tin-plated steel construction is ideal for storing, transporting, or packaging liquids. Includes threaded screw-on cap with polyethylene (PE) liner.

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Model Weight (lbs) Material Cap Color Vestil Model Usually Ships Within Price
BTL-MA-2 0.4 Aluminum White BTL-MA-2 7-10 days $6.07
BTL-MA-4 0.6 Aluminum White BTL-MA-4 7-10 days $6.65
BTL-MA-8 0.9 Aluminum White BTL-MA-8 7-10 days $8.05
BTL-MT-16 0.18 Tin Silver BTL-MT-16 7-10 days $4.20
BTL-MT-32 0.28 Tin Silver BTL-MT-32 7-10 days $8.52