Galvanized, Stainless Steel, & Bronze Buckets

Galvanized and stainless steel buckets are for use in industrial and commercial applications where durability is required. Buckets are nestable and come standard with a carrying handle/bail for easy transport.

BKT-GAL: Galvanized steel, 0.4mm thickness. BKT-SS: Grade 202 stainless steel. 1mm thickness for 3.25 gallon, 2mm thickness for 5 gallon.

BKT-BRZ-250: Bronze pail is ideal for a variety of settings. The aluminum bronze spark resistant alloy construction works well in hazardous conditions. The pail can be used with a range of materials and surroundings such as petroleum, various chemicals, and mining.

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Model Weight (lbs) Construction Vestil Model Base Diameter (in.) Capacity (quarts) Capacity (gallons) Capacity (lbs.) Thickness (mm.) Usually Ships Within Price
BKT-GAL-325 5 Galvanized Steel BKT-GAL-325 10 13 3.25 28.66 0.4 7-10 days $21.70
BKT-GAL-500 7 Galvanized Steel BKT-GAL-500 11.75 20 5 44.09 0.4 7-10 days $27.42
BKT-SS-325 4 202 Stainless Steel BKT-SS-325 8.25 13 3.25 88.18 1 7-10 days $82.60
BKT-SS-500 8 202 Stainless Steel BKT-SS-500 10.5 20 5 57.32 2 7-10 days $193.08