Mechanical Machinery Jacks

Mechanical Machinery Jacks are good for repairing vehicles, lifting trucks, railway maintenance, construction, mining, and agriculture. Compact design with collapsible lever offers easy operation and simple maintenance. A self locking, anti-kickback operating lever reduces injuries. Standard features include: folding handle, two carrying handles, and a large base plate. Lifting and lowering speed is controllable. No seals to leak. Will not drift down, even after an extended period of time.
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Model Weight (lbs) Base Width (in) Overload Protection Vestil Model Base Length (in.) Travel (in.) Large Runner to Base Plate (in.) Jack Mechanism Uniform Capacity (lbs.) Force Required to Lift Max Load (lbs.) Raised Height (in.) Usually Ships Within Price
MMJ-10 66 6.625 Yes MMJ-10 5.375 13.5625 2.75 Racheting 10,000 90 42.3125 7-10 days $262.97
MMJ-3 33 4.3125 Yes MMJ-3 4 11.8125 2.75 Racheting 3,000 63 35.4375 7-10 days $150.75
MMJ-6 48 5.5 Yes MMJ-6 5.5 13.8125 2.75 Racheting 6,000 79 42.9375 7-10 days $206.15