Loading Attachment

The Dock-Pro can increase company productivity and reduce injury. The unit is easy to use, involves low maintenance, and comes with a 96 inches long conveyor and safety lock. It is adjustable to 30-1/2 inches below dock height and is adaptable to most fork lifts with custom designs available. The Dock-Pro is a fork lift attachment designed to help load and carry material from loading dock fork lift to pickup truck. It is designed to be safe, productive, and cost effective. Safety restraint is included to secure unit to fork truck.

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Model Width (in) Fork Pocket Width (in) Fork Pocket Height (in) Vestil Model Distance Between Roller Frame (in.) Below Dock Service Height (in.) Roller Diameter (in.) Fork Pocket on Center (in.) Usable Product Length (in.) Uniform Capacity (pounds) Roller Centers (in.) Usable Product Height (in.) Lost Load (lbs.) Usable Product Width (in.) Usually Ships Within Price
DP-3896-15 39.5 5-1/2 2-1/2 DP-3896-15 26-1/2 30 2-1/2 32-5/8 93 1500 12 30 750 26-1/2 3-4 weeks $3,597.77