Hook Plates

Hook Plates enable any fork truck to safely lift a load using chains, cables, or slings. Features slanted fork openings measuring 6-1/2 inches wide by 1-3/4 inches high to prevent the hook plate from being used upside down. A hook with anchor shackle is included. A safety restraint secures the unit to the fork truck.
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Model OSHA Height without Hook (in.) Vestil Model Uniform Capacity (pounds) Hook Type Fork Opening Height (in.) Usually Ships Within Price
LM-HP4-R 1910.178(a)(4) 6 LM-HP4-R 4,000 Rigid 1-3/4 7-10 days $144.55
LM-HP4-S 1910.178(a)(4) 6 LM-HP4-S 4,000 Swivel 1-3/4 7-10 days $152.83
LM-HP6-S 1910.178(a)(4) 6 LM-HP6-S 6,000 Swivel 1-3/4 7-10 days $181.30