About Us

Material Handling Supplies for
Small to Large Businesses

  • is a division of Toolwell, Inc.
  • We supply any size company - Local Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies
  • We combine traditional procurement methods with online purchasing options
  • We offer a selection of 20,000+ material handling and rigging products
  • We can combine products from any of our 5 divisions into a single order

About Our Company

Toolwell is one of North America’s largest suppliers of Industrial equipment specializing in equipment, tools and supplies for heavy load & machine moving, rigging, materials handling, warehouse and facilities management, logistics support, storage centers, and more. Originally an importer of load moving equipment from Germany, Toolwell has expanded to global imports and distribution of foreign and domestic made products throughout the Americas. All business divisions combined offer a selection of over 30,000 items.

About Vestil Manufacturing

Vestil Manufacturing Corporation is an industry leader in the material handling equipment industry with nearly 60 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing products from their warehouse and factory in Michigan. Vestil continues to engineer new designs and products which increase productivity, improve workplace ergonomics, and decrease worker injury.

About Our Business Divisions

Our company is divided into 5 business units, each serving a different need, market and customer.

  • JUNG: High-end tools for demanding customers such as in the nuclear industry.
  • Rigging Equipment: Tools for common industrial load moving applications.
  • Moving Equipment: Equipment for smaller commercial applications.
  • Cylinder Jacks: Tools for lifting heavy structures.
  • Rigger Services: A marketplace connecting load moving companies and customers.
  • Rigging Rentals: Load moving tools for rent.

About Our Knowledge & Selection

We are proud to work with Vestil to bring you their complete catalog, giving our customers access to all 1,000+ product lines. Whether you are a outfitting an entire warehouse or shipping center, or trying to find a single piece of equipment you will be able to understand our easy-to-read product explanations.

Our goal is to share knowledge of material handling methods, practices and how the equipment is used in order to help you do the job more easily and safely. With the help of our customers, we are constantly adding to and improving the site so that visitors can benefit from the knowledge of others. For those whose needs go beyond tool purchasing, we provide industry resources to inform and educate visitors about new Vestil products, product updates, safety alerts, and the Material handling industry.

We are here to help you with your purchasing process. Every application and every customer's needs are different, so technical advisers are available over the internet or telephone to explain each product and its function. It's a break from self-service internet stores, as we are dedicated to helping you choose the right product and to understand what you are purchasing.

Please browse our online catalog with the knowledge that you can call us at anytime and we will be happy to walk you through the website, take orders over the phone, discuss your material handling requirements and offer the support needed to improve your shopping experience.

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